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Be found where it matters most

With the MAXIMIZEDreviews platform, your business is discovered by search engines as accurate and up to date on all the most important sites so new customers find you easily.

Know what consumers are saying

MAXIMIZEDreviews keeps an ‘eagle eye’ on every platform your business is currently on and gives you real-time reports as you and your company are reviewed.

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Custom feedback and survey pages with review generation

It’s a breeze to get valuable feedback and reviews with MAXIMIZEDreviews!

Simply utilize our custom feedback and survey pages on any computer or device. MAXIMIZEDreviews will automatically prompt customers to give honest feedback upon being added to your CRM. 4 and 5 Star Reviews are pushed publicly online by the customer, and any 3 Star Reviews or below get a completely separate response and get sent straight to you or your staff to handle directly in an effort to remedy any issue or improve the person’s experience.

Start getting effortless new reviews

Guard against negative reviews

Get peace of mind, knowing you can openly accept feedback reviews while filtering the negative feedback, in-house. You get the ability to address any customer issues before they escalate.

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Market your best feedback and reviews

MAXIMIZEDreviews markets and promotes your best reviews and feedback by syndicating that word of mouth to your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (yes, we even create professional video for you), and more, getting your best word of mouth indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for higher search awareness.

Get new pre-sold customers

The Bottom Line? MAXIMIZEDreviews attracts pre-sold customers by leveraging and advertising your best social proof; digital word of mouth. Search engines will reward your increased online activity through the great new reviews you’ve promoted across the social webs. Get ready for growth!

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